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We are Clarifis® IP

Our goal is to provide accessible, competent Intellectual Property advice and representation to small and medium organisations located in Australia and overseas. The practice is lead by IP Attorney Matthew Hammon.


What is an IP attorney?

An IP Attorney, either a trade marks or patent attorney, is a specialised legal professional who acts on behalf of clients in relation to the registration, validity and infringement of intellectual property rights such as trade marks, patents, designs, plant breeder rights and circuit board layouts.


How does an IP Attorney differ from a lawyer?

Lawyers are admitted to practice under State based legislative requirements, Intellectual Property Attorneys are registered federally with the Trans-Tasman IP Attorney Board and exclusively deal in matters concerning intellectual property – particularly the rights identified above.

Attorneys may not litigate in a court however they may assist in the resolution of disputes outside of court or in quasi-judicial proceedings such as before the Australian Trade Marks Office or Patents Office.





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