Trade marks

Conducting a comprehensive trade mark search is an integral step in choosing a new business name or product name for your business.

Trade mark searches assist companies not only avert possible issues in registering a trade mark, they also identify prospective infringement liabilities which would otherwise be unknown.

Trade mark searches can be conducted online for free – although the extent of the search is limited to the skill of the person searching the register for potentially conflicting marks. With only a basic search not undertaken by a professional, it is easy to assume a trade mark will not conflict with other marks – especially when marks contain visual elements.

Professional Trade Mark Searches from Clarifis IP extend to:

• “Common Law” Directories and Listings which may not be present on the Statutory Register of Trade Marks

•  International Registers such as Registers of Trade Marks in the USA and the United Kingdom

• Complex searches of the Australian Trade Marks Register using advanced search operators which may be unknown to an unskilled user.

For example, a conflicting mark with a mere spelling difference but still containing equivalent phonetic pronunciation may not appear in basic trade mark register searches – only competent professional searchers would consider these aspects of trade mark searching.

The cost of a professional trade mark search is a small price to pay for piece of mind. Also consider our Trade Mark Monitoring  and Domain Name Registration Monitoring services for post registration protection – also available from Clarifis IP.

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