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Domain Name Registration & Portfolio Management


Clarifis IP are experts in administering large domain name portfolios for companies wishing to protect their brands online.

Our intuitive IP Right Management software ensures we notify you promptly as to renewals and serve as your designated agent for service of documents pertaining to disputes where necessary. Our Domain Name Management services also extend selling and acquiring domains on your behalf from third parties as well as the new registration of domains.

We are closely aligned with digital agency James Hammon & Co. who provide necessary technical services such as DNS and Web Hosting meaning you don’t need to worry about the technical aspects of managing your domains.

Losing domain names due to a failure to renew on time can be costly:

• You may pay exorbitant fees to recover your domain once the ‘grace period’ offered by your domain name registrar expires;

• Cyber-squatters may register expired domain names leading to a lack of control of the use of your brand and costly infringement proceedings

• Your domain may be held by third party brokers who seek to sell the domain name without your consent, for a profit.



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